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Sugarhill Hollands - Holland Lops with Personality

           Sugarhill Hollands

I'm Cathee Arthur and I am the owner of my ARBA registered rabbity #D1033, Sugarhill Hollands. I breed Holland Lop rabbits for show, 4-H and pet quality which has turned into a passion that I love and cherish. I settled with the Holland Lop breed in 2005 when my family and I bought our first Holland Lop, Sugarhill Hollands' Zily and we fell in love with him and this amazing breed. Throughout the years I have compiled so much information on rabbits from experience, readings and other breeders. All this information has led me to learn rabbit medicine, breeding, processing, sales, business management, networking and so much more. This website is an off-branch of my rabbitry's to help the common rabbit owner understand the general care that is involved in owning rabbits.

Sections on the site include, an introduction of the rabbit, rabbit behavior, health and disease, diet and food rationing, housing, proper handling, recommendations, rabbit supplies, and grooming.

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      Man's Friendly Domesticated Rabbit

The commonly known domesticated rabbit made its impact in the early 1700s. While its origin is unknown, the domesticated rabbit has made its residence comfortably in common, family households today. Rabbits can be used for a multitude of purposes that can include meat, fur, wool, exhibition and the general pet.


 Although rabbits are portrayed as wonderful pets, a rabbit is a 6-10+ year commitment that people must understand and address fully the nature, health and care that a rabbit will require and deserves as a pet.